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Pompeii, Vesuvius and Amalfi Coast by
Villa Signorini

A spectacular tour that combines history and nature, archeology and breathtaking views organized in collaboration with Villa Signorini in Herculaneum. Arrival Thursday in hotel. The following day you will leave Villa Signorini to arrive in Pompei - Villa dei Misteri. After a visit to the most famous archaeological site in the world, and a brief refocus, you will head to the slopes of Mount Vesuvius in Torre del Greco, from which you will begin the tough but exciting climbing of the volcano. Return and overnight in hotel.
The next day, on Saturday, the bike excursion will be dedicated to the Amalfi Coast. Arrival in transfer in Sorrento from which our tour will start. Just a few miles from the start, we will be able to ride on one of the most beautiful views in the world to reach the quaint village of Positano. After a short stop, you will return for the same route turning to Sant'Agata on the two Golfi. Lunch and return to Sorrento, where we will be waiting for the transfer for the return to Villa Signorini. Overnight in Hotel.


1st day: Arrival and check-in; meeting with the Guide

and technical assistance for the starting briefing: accomodation in

Hotel Villa Signorini, Portici at about 16:00 p.m.

2nd day: 1st option 

Breakfast and Pompeii & Vesuvius tour by bike.

Lunch bag. Return in the hotel.

Starting tour at about 10:30 a.m.

Total km in bike: about 55 km 

Total difference in altitude about 1000 m 

Difficulty: medium

Duration without visits: about 4 hours.

Duration with visit: about 5/6 hours.

2nd day: 2nd option

Breakfast and Amalfi coast tour by bike.

Lunch bag. Return in the hotel.

Starting tour at about 10:30 a.m.

Total km in bike: about 44 km 

Total difference in altitude about 600 m 

Difficulty: medium

Duration without visits: about  3 hours.

Duration with visit: about 4/5 hours.

3rd day: Breakfast. Check out. End of services.

*On request it is possible to change the starting point

of the tour and the timetable according to your needs.

Points of Interest:

Pompeii: with Ercolano, Stabia and Oplonti, was mostly destroyed and buried under volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. The objects that lay beneath the city have been preserved for more than a millennium because of the long lack of air and moisture. These artefacts provide an extraordinarily detailed insight into the life of a city during the Pax Romana. During the excavation, plaster was used to fill in the voids in the ash layers that once held human bodies. This allowed archaeologists to see the exact position the person was in when he or she died. A large number of artefacts from the buried cities are preserved in the Naples National Archaeological Museum. The Pompeii, Ercolano and Oplonti’s Ruins have UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Vesuvius: is a Somma-stratovolcano. It is a glimpse of unusual beauty in the panorama of the Gulf, entered in the collective imagination of Naples. It holds the world record for being the first volcano object of systematic studies, by the will of the reigning house of the Bourbons, studies that still continue by the Vesuvius Observatory. Structure from which the Americans took as example for the Hawaiian observatory. Its moderate height allows it to be easily reached causing many travelers to climb it even by bike.

Sorrento: It is located on the north-western part of the peninsula. The centre commands  harmoniously on a high tuff terrace, overlooking the sea, in the middle of lush vegetation.

Tourist destination for excellence, because of its natural and artistic beauty and its traditions. Sorrento is the largest center for the number of services offered and also the best known and appointed by the Sorrento Peninsula.  

Positano: The beauty of the territory fascinated Greeks, Phoenicians, even Romans, giving them a strategic commercial point. It became a privileged destination of gran tour of rich European families. It was also some famous artists’ residence, who have exalted its beauty, making it immortal in their works.

Sant'Agata on the two Gulfs: is the largest fraction of Massa Lubrense. Situated in the Sorrento peninsula, it owes its name to its unique location in which it is located, between the gulfs of Naples and Salerno. The "Two Gulfs" can be watched from the Monastery of the Benedictine Nuns sited on the hill "The Desert", near the centre of Sant'Agata and overlooks the city of Sorrento.

Cost per person from*

6/15 pax € 299.00/person

Included services:

  • Guide, bicycle** and safety helmet;

  • Transfer to Sorrento;

  • Lunch package during the bike excursions;

  • 3 nights in hotel with breakfast.

Not included services:

  • Admission to museums;

  • Attractions;

  • Dining.



  • Half board: 25,00€/day;

  • Full board: 50,00€/day;

  • Mtb bike: gratis;

  • e-bike: 20,00€.

Customized tours on request.

*booking and more info send an email to:​ 

terms e conditions

**for this tour, I Rent Bike provides you a trekking bike, really comfortable for mix routes

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