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1. The I Rent Bike of Salvatore D'Aniello (which hereinafter "Lessor") delivered to the lessee (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") the bike in good repair. The customer, taking delivery of the bicycle, recognizes that the same is in good repair and fit for use agreed. The duration of the rental and the fee will be agreed between the landlord and the Customer at the time of the withdrawal of the bicycle.

2. The bicycle has to be used exclusively as a means of transport and they must be treated with care, common sense and diligence; Competition, reckless maneuvers and performances of any kind are prohibites. The user must use the bike in order to avoid damage, both to the same that their accessories. It is forbidden the use of bicycles to carry out business activities nor is it possible to sell it in use to other parties.

3. The Customer may request the Lessor delivery bicycle to another location different from the primary; in this case the Lessor reserves the right to ask the customer an increase of the rental price, by way of the transport costs. To get the rental of a bicycle the customer must submit to the Lessor a valid identity document, accompanied by sufficient guarantees for rental. The bicycle must be returned in the schedules communicated and/or posted at the point of hire, at the same place where it was taken.

4. You must comply with the rules of the Highway Code, The rules must be aware of. The Lessor declines any responsibility in case of improper use of the bike and the non-compliance with traffic regulations.

5. The use of the bicycle requires physical fitness and technical expertise of those who wish to lead it. Therefore the user, by renting a bicycle, said to be equipped with adequate capacity and appropriate expertise, without placing any reservations.

6. The use of the bicycle is only to adult unless the minor is accompanied by adult who takes responsibility.

7. The landlord can refuse to rent bicycle to persons not considered likely to lead (in accordance with Articles 186 and 187 of the Highway Code) or for other reasons and in any case at the discretion of the landlord himself.

8. Customer Obligations: The Customer undertakes: a) to drive bike and keep it together with accessories, diligently and in compliance with all the rules of law; b) to ensure its maintenance, monitoring of levels of lubricants and brake lines; c) to proceed with the offering of any offense committed during the lease; d) to reimburse the Lessor from all claims made by third parties for damages. Any damage caused to the vehicle will be compensated by the Customer to the Lessor; and) to return the bike in the same conditions in which it has received, with the entire equipment, preserving the efficiency of the vehicle itself, excluding the normal decay for use. The rented vehicle will be used by the customer to the extent strictly required by the general conditions of hire and will be used due diligence (Art. 1001 Civil Code). f) not to make any changes to the rental bike. The Customer acknowledges that it did not receive any real right on the bike and of not being able, therefore, to have either in the form of a pledge.

9. The customer must pay when he collect the full amount agreed upon, including possible transport costs. The value will be determined by referring to the rental list price. Payment may be made by cash and / or credit card. The Lessor, in the event of default by the customer, will deduct the amount due from the credit card used at the time of booking.

10. The Customer undertakes not to drive or use the bike and not to tolerate others to lead or customs, unless otherwise indicated: a) to push or pull objects; b) under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol or intoxicants; c) in races, competitions or speed trials; d) for purposes contrary to the law. The Client accepts responsibility for the people he provided the information and to whom it entrusted the means. They are therefore charged to the customer for any damage caused by breaches of the terms listed.

11. In case of accident, the Customer agrees to: a) immediately inform the Lessor, b) provide to the Lessor any useful information; c) follow the instructions that the Lessor will provide relative to the housing or to repair the vehicle. The Customer also promises to repay the damages of the rented vehicle when the customer is not able to provide data and elements suitable for the reconstruction of the accident.

12. The Customer undertakes to compensate the landlord for any damage, partial or total, or stolen, for any reason occurred to the bicycle with reference to the purchase value of the vehicle by the Lessor. The responsibility of the customer is referred to the agreed rental period and for reasons not directly attributable to him the same. The quantified value of the damage or theft will be charged to the customer who will have to provide for the immediate payment of the claim.

13. Failure to return the bike without prior notice and grounds of exceptional circumstances, be regarded as theft and therefore reported to the Judicial Authority.

14. Any fact, damage or injury resulting from the circulation and use of the bicycle is attributable only driver user. The user is then responsible for damage caused during the use of the medium to himself, to others, to objects and the bicycle. Lessor shall not be required to have any form of compensation.

15. In the event of damage and / or breakages caused to the rented vehicle, except punctures, the customer must pay for the damage caused will be calculated by the operator at the time of the return of the vehicle.

16. The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle at the place and by the date specified in the contract or in any case as soon as the Lessor 's request, with the same accessories in the same state in which I have received, except for normal.

17. Who enters into the lease in the name of or on behalf of a third party is jointly liable with those carrying out the obligations contained in these Terms and Conditions. The customer responds, in any case, the actions and omissions of anyone who drive the vehicle.

18. Exemptions and various controversies: the lessors shall not be liable to the customer or any other party for damage of any kind, including economic loss, to them right away in individuals of property due to malfunctions or defects vehicle theft, car accidents, riots, earthquakes or acts of force.

19. Any dispute between the parties is the court of Naples.

20. No changes may be made to these Terms and Conditions without the consent of a representative of the landlord provided with appropriate written authorization.

21. The signing of the rental contract by the customer requires the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of these rules, tariffs, opening hours and closure of the rental service.

22. Our bikes are provided with: kit light, saddle bag, inner tube, pieces ebon kit, mini pump, lock, multitools

23. In case you use the insurance service to cover accidental damage, the cost of this will vary from € 8,00 per day for City Bike, MTB and Trekking Bike (maximum coverage insurance up to € 250.00) to € 10.00 per day for BDC and E-Bike (maximum coverage insurance up to € 450.00). The insurance coverage extends to any damage caused to the improper use of the vehicle and related to: frame and fork (scratch included), components, E-Bike charger and accessories supplied with the bike. The insurance coverage does not extend to damages caused by the batteries of the E-Bike (example: battery failure due to incorrect installation of the battery in the E-Bike battery compartment). For insurance cover of 10 days or more, you will pay € 60.00 for City Bike, MTB and Trekking Bike, and € 80.00 for BDC and E-Bike.

Tour terms and conditions

To book bicycles and tours, you must pay 20% of the total agreed in advance. Any booking cancellation  must be notified no later than 10 days before the agreed date. If the cancellation does not take place on time will result in the non-full or partial refund. We reserve the right to change itineraries and / or schedules for reasons of force majeure (bad weather etc.). The company is not responsible for the closure of museums and archaeological sites, and changes of the timetable and entrance costs of the same. In addition, the company is not liable for strikes, delays, irregularities due to traffic or any other kind, damages caused by third parties or force majeure. If exceptional circumstances prevent the performance of the service, the company will refund all monies paid, and nothing else.

Payment methods


Paypal transfer: , 


Bank trasfert: Poste

Iban:  IT14F3608105138259002659008


Headed: D'Aniello Salvatore 


Credit card

Terms of tours and rental:
The number of participants in the daily tour starts from 3/4 pax to a maximum of 15 people (for a more people, the cost is to be agreed), for 1/2 pax groups there is a supplement of € 25.00 per person, (the supplemente for "Amalfi coast" and "Tour of the two gulfs" is €25.00/person for 1/2 pax). The minimum age is 14 years, and minors must be accompanied by a parent.

For the little ones, there is the possibility of child carrier.

The use of the helmet is REQUIRED for participants in our tours.
To each bicycle rented independently of the tour, a deposit is applied:
- € 250.00 for road bikes
- € 150.00 for trekking bikes and mountain bikes
- € 100.00 for city bike
- € 250.00 for electric bicycles

Locations open only for delivery and retreats by reservation

For delivery and collection at the points of Scafati/Pompei, Vico Equense/Pompei, Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno, Benevento (San giorgio del Sannio-Cusano Mutri), Avellino (Atripalda Caposele), Caserta, there will be no extra charge for a minimum of 2 rental bikes; for the rental of 1 bike there will be an extra charge of € 40.00.

For delivery and collection at the point of Paestum, Agropoli, Santa Maria di Castellabate, Acciaroli, Matera, Valle d'Itria, Lecce, Brindisi, there will be no extra charge for a minimum of 3 bicycles for a minimum of 2 days For the rental of 1 or 2 bicycles for 1 or 2 days, or 3 bicycles for 1 day there is an extra charge of € 50.00.

Transfer-delivery and bicycle collection service to your Hotel, B&B, Apartment exc.

The transfer service, on request, is carried out by private shuttle, its cost varies according to the distances in kilometers according to ACI tables. The service for a maximum of 8 bikes costs € 50.00 within 15 km from our shop in Naples and from the points of Scafati/Pompeii, Vico Equense/Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi, Salern, Benevento (San giorgio del Sannio-Cusano Mutri), Avellino (Atripalda Caposele), Caserta.
For delivery and collection at the Naples airport or Naples port or Salerno, the cost is € 50.00.
For other destinations you can request a quote by e-mail.

Road assistance

The road assistence service, on request, is carried out by private shuttle, its costs € 50,00 within 20 km from our shop in Naples.
or higher kilometers the count will be made according to ACI tables.

The request for the roadside assistance service for the shops in Scafati/Pompeii, Vico Equense, Piano di Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno, Paestum, Santa Maria di Castellabate, Benevento, Caserta and Avellino, the cost is € 100.00.

For higher kilometers the count will be made according to ACI tables.

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