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The carefree cycling and the charm of the sea, Boat & Bike, are the perfect mix that will give you the experience of a unique holiday. This trip by bike and sailboat will take you, through land and sea, to discover the natural treasures and cultural heritage of the Gulf of Naples. We will visit the magnificent Amalfi Coast, on board of our boat, equipped with every comfort and highly qualified staff. We will stop in Procida and then in Capri, the pearl of the Gulf of Naples, famous all over the world for its incomparable beauty. Depending on the chosen route you will be able to use different models of bike, to enjoy fully this extraordinary experience.


Total km in Bike about 143 – Total difference in altitude 2378 m

1st day: welcome, meeting with the Skipper and the Guide for the starting briefing; accomodation in the galley and shipment to Darsena Acton.​

2nd day: landing to Pozzuoli's port, tour in bike (Bianchi MTB or Trekking) in the Flegrea area. 

Difficulty: medium 

Distance: about 37 km.

Duration: about 5 hours

In the afternoon embarkation at Pozzuoli

​3rd day: circumnavigation of the island of Procida on board, with stop and bath in the Vivara's park.

4th day: landing to Torre Annunziata's port. Tour in E-Bike Pompeii excavation, and Vesuvius.

Difficulty: medium

Distance. about 60 km

Duration: about 6 hours

Bike tour Boat&Bike in Sorrento-Costiera Sorrentina. by

In the afternoon embarkation at Torre Annunziata and the night in harbor in the zone of Vico Equense-Seiano-Massalubrense.

5th day: We will sail to Amalfi by boat, with stop and having bath in Nerano and visiting the islands Li Galli.

6th day: landing at Amalfi's port, tour in bike (Bianchi MTB or Trekking) in the coast zone.

Difficulty: medium

Distance: about 30 km 

Duration: about 4 hours

In the afternoon embarkation to Amalfi. Night in harbor or at port.

7th day: we will sail to the island of Capri, with stop and having bath at the shadow of Faraglioni.

In the evening return at the port of Naples.


1 st day:

In the afternoon, before embarking at Darsena Acton in Naples, it will be the

meeting with the Skipper and the Guide for  the starting briefing, then we will

proceed with the accomodation in the galley.

In the evening you can have dinner on boat or visit the city and have dinner in

an  authorized restaurant.

Barca a vela bike tour Boat&Bike in the gulf of Naples, by

2 nd day:

Sport, culture and total relax the perfect mix for those who decide to participate in this tour.


Entering the heart of the Campi Flegrei, one of the oldest areas of our territory, entire chapters of history will overlap. We will cycle along the coast passing through the suggestive Castello Aragonese di Baia, Piscina Mirabilis and Casina Vanvitelliana, without forgetting the Monte di Procida where we will seem to touch the island of Procida with our hands.

The panoramas offered by the volcanic lakes will be exciting: Lucrino, Miseno, Fusaro and Averno where we will meet a stretch of dirt track.


If you want, we can make a stop at one of the farms located along the coast of the lake at Lago d'Averno, tasting wines and snacks of own production, walking through the magnificent vineyards, the cost per person is € 30.00.

Finally, we will conclude our journey by heading again towards the port of Pozzuoli.

Bike route's details:

Difficulty: medium

Distance: about 37 km

Total difference in altitude: about 420 m

Duration without visits: about 3 hours

Duration with visits: about 5/6 hours


Castello Aragonese di Baia Bike tour Boat & Bike In the Gulf of Naples. by
Route Bike tour Boat&Bike giri dei 4 Laghi. by
Planimetry bike tour route Boat & Bike tour of the 4 lakes. by

Castello Aragonese di Baiastands out of Baia, in an area of considerable strategic importance of Bacoli. It was on top of a promontory defended naturally, to the east, by a high tufaceous cliff overlooking the sea, and to the west by the deep depression of the caldera of two volcanoes called "Fondi di Baia".                                                                   

Equipped with walls, ditches and drawbridges, the castle was practically impregnable. Its position allowed a very wide control of the area, preventing the approach of enemy fleets.​

Piscina Mirabilis: in Miseno, on the north-west side of the Gulf of Naples, there is the largest Roman cistern of drinking water ever built. It dates from the Augusteo period, it is entirely excavated in the tuff and has a capacity of 12,000 cubic meters of water. The impressive architectural work, which will not fail to amaze you, is 15 meters high, 72 meters long and 25 meters wide. It is covered by a barrel vault supported by 48 huge cruciform pillars, arranged in four rows to form five long naves.
Casina Vanvitelliana bike tour Boat&Bike, by

Casina Vanvitelliana: On Lake Fusaro in Bacoli stands the Casina vanvitelliana, a building from the Bourbon era in an area intended for hunting and fishing.

The atmosphere is fairytale to the point of renaming the Casina di Pinocchio construction, because it recalls the house of the Blue Fairy in the famous '72 play with the direction of Luigi Comencini.

Monte di Procida: known for being the terrace of the Campi Flegrei. From various panoramic points of its territory it is possible to have a particularly view, to the east the gulf of Naples, the Sorrento peninsula and Capri, to the south the islands of Procida and Ischia, to the west the islands of Ventotene, Ponza and Circeo , then continue north with the Caserta plain and the Matese.

Campi Flegrei bike tour Boat&Bike in the gulf of Naples, by

​In the evening we will sail from Pozzuoli going to the island of Procida. Dinner on board.

Duration of navigation: about 1,5 hours


For this tour we suggest to use a city bike Lombardo Siena/Amantea, included in the travel quota.

For those who wish something different, we have available Trekking bike or MTB Bianchi applying a supplement of €10.00. Or an E-Bike Cube a supplement of € 30.00 will be applied.

City bike for Bike tour Boat & Bike In the Gulf of Naples. by
Sailboat for Bike tour Boat & Bike in the Gulf of Naples. by

3 rd day:

In the morning we will circumnavigate the island of Procida by boat, with stop for having a bath at Vivara's park.

Duration of navigation: about 1 hour

All day will be completely dedicated to the adventure on boat.

You could have the opportunity to admire the island of Procida by an other point of view. You could have a bath near the island of Vivara.

We will spend the evening in the port of Procida, having dinner on boat or in a typical restaurant, where you can taste local specialties such as lingue, fresh granita and babà soaked up limoncello.

4 th day:

In the morning we will sail to the port of Torre Annunziata.

Duration of navigation: about 3 hours.

As soon as you disembark we will get on our bikes to:

a tour rich of history, which will take us to visit Pompeii, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, with the remains of the city overwhelmed by the eruption of 79 AD.

After a short refreshment, we will head towards the slopes of Vesuvius from Torre del Greco, from which we will begin the hard but exciting ascent to the discovery of the most famous volcano in the world. We will make the acquaintance of the geological history of the mountain, visiting the crater, from which we can still see the active steam fumaroles.

Bike route's details:

Difficulty: medium

Total km in bike: about 60 km

Total difference in altitude: about 1050 m

Duration without visits: about 6 hours

Duration with visits: about 8 hours

Bike tour Boat&Bike nel golfo di Napoli. by
Planimetria Bike tour Boat&Bike Vesuvius&Pompeii. by


Pompeii: the terrible eruption of Vesuvius that buried Pompeii on the 24th of  August 79 AD.  left to posterity the opportunity to appreciate and visit the city as it was to the ancient inhabitants just before the catastrophe. The Pompeians did not know that the "Mount Vesuvius" was a volcano. In 1997, to preserve the integrity of the ruins, along with those of Herculaneum and Oplontis, they became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bike tour Boat&Bike Tour bike Pompeii-Vesuvius. by
Bike tour Boat&Bike Vesuvius. by

Vesuvius: Vesuvius is among the most studied volcanoes and kept under control in the world. It is part of the Somma-Vesuvio mountain system. It is located slightly inside the coast of the Gulf of Naples, about ten kilometers east of the capital of Campania.Vesuvius is a glimpse of unusual beauty in the panorama of the gulf.


In the evening we will embark from Torre Annunziata and the night will be spent in the bay in the area Vico Equense-Seiano-Massalubrense, with dinner on board.


For this tour the use of E-Bike Cube bikes is included in the travel quota.

For those who wish something different, we have available

carbon racing bikes Bianchi Sempre or Intenso with Campagnolo Athena or Shimano Ultegra group.

E-bike to climb Vesuvius on the Bike & Boat tour in the Gulf of Naples. by
Bike tour Boat&Bike on a sailing boat in Amalfi Coast. by

5 th day: In the morning we will sail to the Amalfi Coast.

Duration of navigation: about 3 hours.

Wonderful day of relaxation in the frame of the beautiful Amalfi coast. The day will be divided into several stages, to allow you to fully enjoy all the wonders that this land has to offer. There will be the opportunity to take a bath in Nerano, and then head to admire the splendid Fjord of Crapolla, which is among the most suggestive inlets on the coast of Massa Lubrense.

Between Capri and Positano there is an archipelago of three islands known by the name of Li Galli, but also as La Sireneuse, because in the past the idea that it was inhabited by mermaids was more than a guess. Those who prefer can take a bath.

Archipelago of the Gauls in Bike tour Boat & Bike with sailboat. by

We will spend a magnificent evening in the harbor or at the port of Amalfi, having dinner on board or in a local restaurant.

In the morning we will start a bike tour on Amalfi's coast passing by Amalfi, Ravello and Positano.

6 th day:

The Amalfi's coast is a natural paradise that UNESCO declared Humanity Heritage in the 1977. It was defined the most beautiful coast in the world that you could ride by our bikes and enjoy as never happened before.

Starting from the sea level we will arrive at 402 metres. 

THis tour has been thought to admire the amazing landscapes and to let you stop in important sities such as Amalfi, Ravello and Minori.

Bike ride details:


Difficulty: Medium

Path length: about 46 Km

Max altitude: about 908mt

Duration: about 5 hours

Duration including visits: about 6 hours

Route bike tour Boat&Bike from Amalfi, R
Plane rout bike tour Boat&Bike, from Amalfi, Ravello and Positano, by
Bike tour Boat & Bike in Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast. by

Amalfiancient maritime republic, gives its name to the stretch of the peninsula on which stands the Amalfi coast. Among the most important and prosperous Italian trading centers, it contributed with its vitality to the growth of the neighboring towns. A sea of ​​charm, enchanting nature, dreaming landscapes, monuments, history, food and wine make Amalfi one of the favorite destinations for tourists who choose Italy and the south for their holidays.

Ravello: the famous and picturesque tourist center, discovered and visited by many celebrities of all art, attracted by its intellectual appeal and fascination of its architecture and its famous villas. Ravello is situated on a steep cliff; it dominates Maiori and Minori and enjoys a famous panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Salerno.

Bike tour Boat & Bike in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. by
Bike tour Boat&Bike a Minori Amalfi Cost. by

Minori Since 1997 has been declared by UNESCO, a World Heritage. Originally it was a small fishing village, but in the twentieth century a remarkable urbanization, combined with tourism, has made Minori one of the small gems of the Coast.

In the evening we will stay in the port of Amalfi. You can have dinner  on board or go down and walk around shopping in the picturesque boutiques and the many craft shops, tasting the typical local products.


For this tour we suggest the use of Trekking bike or MTB included in the travel quota.


For those who wish, carbon racing bikes are available (Bianchi "Sempre" or "Intenso" with Campagnolo Athena or Shimano Ultegra); alternatively, E-Bike Cube is available.

In both cases a supplement of € 10.00 is applied.

Trekking bike Bianchi for Bike tour Boat & Bike in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. by

7 th day:
In the morning we will go the island of Capri, where we will spend the day in total relax enjoying its beauties.

Duration of navigation: about 2 hours.

Day dedicated completely to the pearl of the Neapolitan gulf: Capri. Lush, extraordinary, with a mild climate. Of limestone origin, Capri is the Mediterranean island that has seen in passing time intellectuals, artists and writers, all inspired by its magical beauty. A mix of history, nature, worldliness, culture, events, which meet here every day and which gave life to the Myth of Capri, a legend without equal in the world.

Bike tour Boat & Bike sailing on the Amalfi Coast. by

In the evening we will return to the port of Naples to conclude our holiday.


Costs per person (in double cabin) for groups of 6/8 participants:

  • March and November               €  850.00

  • April to May                                € 1090.00

  • June/September/October        € 1280.00   

Single cabin supplement: The cost will be calculated with an increase of 50% compared to the double cabin and based on the chosen season.

Services included:


  • Navigation and overnight stays by boat (at anchor);

  • Outboard Tender;

  • Bicycle and helmet rental;

  • Cycling guide;

  • Oil;

  • Final cleaning of the boat.

Bike tour Boat&Bike in Amalfi in Costiera Amalfitana by

Services not included:

  • During the bike excursions you have two options for lunch: "packed breakfast" (€ 15.00 per person, includes: typical products from Campania, water and dessert) or lunch in a restaurant / farmhouse (average price of about € 45, 00 / 50.00 per person, includes: appetizer, first course, second course, fruit (drinks not included);

  • Overnight in port: the cost per person will be calculated according to the season (the cost is approximately € 90.00);

  • Galley, which will be carried out on the first day (before boarding all together) at a cost of approximately € 60.00 per person;

  • Supply of bed linen at a cost of € 15.00 per person;

  • Tickets for archaeological sites;

  • Any tips;

  • Extras and everything not mentioned in "included services".

Note: Depending on the weather conditions, the skipper can decide on any navigation variations.


Personalized tours on request.

For more information and reservations, write to:

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