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A tour devised to give you the possibility both to cross the historical centre with its streets, churches, squares, castles, monuments, enjoying the promenade of the city; and taste gastronomic specialities of traditional Neapolitan cuisine. From typical pizza a portafoglio in Via dei Tribunali; to peculiar ’o per e ’o muss’ in Pignasecca. Don’t miss tarallo ’nzogna e pepe and the delicious sfogliatella, and finally Water, lemon and bicarbonate from Aurelio alla Torretta, a simple but powerful digestive drink, also called  O' “sciacquapanza”, by twenty centuries of history. What are you waiting for? Ride our bikes and leave everything else to us.





Meeting with the Guide and technical assistance

for the starting briefing: in Piazza del Plebiscito,

Naples at about 10:00 a.m.

Starting tour at about 10:30 a.m.

Difficulty: easy

Duration without visits: about 3 hours.

Duration with visit: about 5 hours.

*On request it is possible to change the starting point of the tour and the timetable according to your needs.

Route bike tour Eating in Naples with
Difference in altitude bike tour route Eating in Naples, with

Total km in Bike about 18 km. – Total difference in altitude about 210m.

Points of Interest:

Pizza a portafoglio in Via dei Tribunali: It is an icon of Neapolitan street food. A soft and tasty dough topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella, served hot and steaming open on a sheet of paper. It will be up to you to wrap the pizza that you will have in your hands on itself like a wallet: closing it on its side and then closing it once again on another side of it.

Bike tour and tasting Pizza in the historic of Naples, with

O per e ’o muss' in Pignasecca: it is a culinary specialty of Campania prepared with the foot of pork ('o père) and the snout of veal and not of pork as erroneously believed ('o musso). A dish of poor folk tradition, for which nothing was wasted. These offals are depilated, boiled, cooled, cut into small pieces and served cold seasoned with salt and lemon juice. As a backdrop to this stop, it is the picturesque and oldest market of Pignasecca, which owes its name to a pine, in Neapolitan pigna, which dried up after that the citizens were forced to drive away the magpies that had nested there; located in the area of ​​the Quartieri Spagnoli of Naples, behind the equally bustling and central via Toledo.

Tasting O per e ò mus' in the pignasecca da Fiorenzano, with
bike tour and tasting of the Neapolitan Tarallo, with

Tarallo napoletano and via Caracciolo: The tarallo 'nzogna and pepe of the kiosks is an undisputed and inimitable delight of the Neapolitan culinary heritage. Roundish, dark, studded with almonds, they too were born to recycle and not throw away leftovers of certain ingredients. The bakers did not waste anything, they used until the end also the sfriddo, that is the unless dough pasta, to which they added the nzogna and pepper in large quantities; and then almonds were added. An exceptional finger food to be enjoyed observing the coastal landscape, from the beautiful via Caracciolo. Considered one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world that runs up to Mergellina with panoramic views of the city and the hills of Vomero and Posillipo.

Neapolitan sfogliatella'a sfujatèlla  is a typical dessert of the popular partenopean pastry revisited in 1818 by a Neapolitan innkeeper. He was Pasquale Pintauro, who came into possession of the secret recipe of Santarosa, slightly modifying the recipe and introducing the riccia-sfoglia variant, which through its perfume, fills the streets and the alleys of the city.

Bike tour and tasting of the Neapolitan sfogliatella, with
Water, lemon and bicarbonate during bike tour in Naples, with

Acqua, succo di limone e bicarbonato: in Naples, after a very abundant meal, it is used, to digest more easily, drink a glass of water, lemon and baking soda. Famous for this drink is the kiosk Aurelio at the turret, also a producer of the several tastes of granite.

Cost per person*

from 3/4 to max 15 pax €110.00/person

Included services:

  • Guide;

  • Bicycle**;

  • Safety helmet;

  • Tasting and meals.

Not included services:

  • Admission to museums;


  • Supplement MTB, trekking: € 15,00;

  • Supplement e-bike € 25,00;

  • Supplement for 1/2 pax: €25,00 per person

Customized tours on request.

*booking and more info send an email to:​ 


Recommended bicycle for the bike tour Eating Naples by

**for this tour, I Rent Bike gives you a city bike, really comfortable for city routes

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