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Naples is a mix of emotions and fascination, so it is not easy visit every place that the world appreciate. Riding our bikes, everything is possible!

You will go into streets, squares, churches, monuments as the “Basilica di Santa Chiara”, “Cappella Sansevero”, and also the Duomo of Naples  with its baroques buildings and his versatility of manners. You can be astonished by legendary galleries of “Napoli Sotterranea” and the accuracy of  “Cristo Velato” in Cappella Sansevero. Unbelievably, you will assist at twenty centuries of history


Total km in Bike about 12 km. – Total difference in altitude about 80 m.



Meeting with the Guide and technical assistance

for the starting briefing: in Piazza del Plebiscito,

Napoli at about 09:00a.m.

Starting tour at about 09:30 a.m.

Difficulty: easy

Duration without visits: about hours.

Duration with visit: about 5/6 hours.

Route bike tours In the heart of Naples, by
Difference in level bike tours In the heart of Naples, by

*On request it is possible to change the starting point of the tour and the timetable according to your needs.

Points of Interest:

Cappella Sansevero (Cristo Velato): The assignment to execute the veiled Christ was at first entrusted to the sculptor Antonio Corradini. However, died a shortly thereafter, he had time to realize only a terracotta sketch that today is at the National Museum of San Martino. The commission thus passed to Giuseppe San Martino, who made a work where the Dead Christ, lying on a mattress is covered with a veil that adheres to its forms. The mastery of the Neapolitan sculptor is in being able to convey the suffering that Christ experienced the moments before the Crucifixion through the composition of the veil, from which, there are signs on the face and body of the martyrdom suffered. At the foot of the sculpture, finally, the artist sculpts even the crown of thorns, pliers and nails.

Basilica di Santa Chiara, Veiled Christ, San Severo Chapel, by

Basilica di Santa Chiara: or the monastery of Santa Chiara, is a monumental church building.
The basilica has its entrance on Via Benedetto Croce, on the northeastern side of Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, in front of the homonymous church and adjacent to that of the Poor Clares.
It is the largest gothic church in the city, characterized by a monastery which includes four monumental cloisters, archaeological excavations in the surrounding area and several other rooms in which is housed the Museum of the same

name. It includes also the visit to the nuns' choir, with remains of frescoes by Giotto, a large refectory, the sacristy and other basilicas environments.

Veiled Christ, San Severo Chapel during the tour "In the hearth of Naples, by
Guided tour of Naples in the historic center, by

Duomo di Napoli: The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is a monumental basilica and also the cathedral and lodgement of the Archdiocese of Naples.
The cathedral is located on the east side of the homonymous street, in a small square surrounded by porticoes, and encompasses the other two side cult chapels built independently than the cathedral. They are the basilica of Santa Restituta, which keeps the oldest baptistry of the West; the San Giovanni in Fonte's one, and the royal

Cathedral of Naples, treasure of San Gennaro during bike tours, by

chapel of the San Gennaro's treasure, which preserves the relics of the patron of the city. It is one of the largest and most important churches in the city. Both from an artistic point of view, it is in fact the superposition of styles ranging from pure fourteenth century Gothic to the nineteenth-century neo-Gothic, and from a cultural point of view, in fact,

hosting three times a year the rite of the dissolution of the blood of San Gennaro.

Bike tours and guided tour, underground naples, by

Napoli Sotterranea: The term stands for the dense and complex network of tunnels and caves, which are located in the Neapolitan underground and that form a real city which follows, in negative, the city surface. The underground city extends underneath the historic center including of theatres, sportive centers, bars and clubs. It is related to myths and legends still alive in the collective imagination of the Neapolitans. The Naples galleries below were used, over the centuries, in different ways. Born after the extraction of tuff for the construction of the city, they were then put to the aqueduct and as a refuge in the time of World War II.

Cost per person*

from 3/4 to max 15 pax € 95.00/person

Included services:

  • Guide;

  • Bicycle**;

  • Safety helmet.

Not included services:

  • Admission to museums*;

  • Lunch.



  • Supplement MTB, trekking: € 15.00;

  • Supplement e-bike: € 25.00 per person;

  • Supplement for 1/2 pax: €25,00 per person.




On request we can book tickets to visit:

- Cappella Sansevero

- Napoli sotterranea

- Treasure of San Gennaro

(ticket's price could be change according to the period and the number of people)

City bike bicycle used for the guided tour "In the hearth of Naples", by

**for this tour, I Rent Bike gives you a city bike, really comfortable for city routes

Bike tours "In the hearth of Naples", by

Customized tours on request.

*booking and more info send an email to:

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