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A tour dedicated to those who wish to admire the numerous panoramic points along the hilly area of Naples, such as Posillipo, Virgiliano park and the famous Belvedere of Via Petrarca, without neglecting the cornerstones of the  city such as the Caracciolo seafront and its beautiful Castel dell’Ovo and Piazza del Plebiscito with its Royal Palace and the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola.




Meeting with the Guide and technical assistance

for the starting briefing: in Piazza del Plebiscito,

Napoli at about 10:00 a.m.

Starting tour at about 10:30 a.m.

Difficulty: easy

Duration without visits: about 2 hours.

Duration with visit: about 3 hours.

*On request it is possible to change the starting point

of the tour and the timetable according to your needs.





Route bike tours Panoramic Naples, by
Route Panoramic Naples in bike tours, by
Points of Interest:

Total km in Bike about 20 km. – Total difference in altitude about 150 m.

Bike tours panoramic Naples, visit Virgiliano Park, castle dell'Ovo, by

Castel dell'OvoCastrum Ovi in ​​Latin, it's the oldest castle in the city of Naples and is one of the most important points in the famous gulf landscape. It is located between the districts of San Ferdinando and Chiaia, opposite the Mergellina area. Due to several manifestations that have partly destroyed the original Norman appearance and thanks to the subsequent reconstruction work carried out during the Angioino and Aragonese period, the architectural line of the castle changed drastically

Panoramic Naples with bike tours by

until it reached the present state.

Naples promenade: among the most relaxing and suggestive activities to do in Naples you can not miss a promenade on the City's Waterfront. It is one of the most popular and frequented places for tourists, constantly enlivened by events and events of all kinds, but also by the many bars, restaurants and pizzerias that follow along the way. The Naples Lungomare is a 3 km long road that crosses the sea and departs from Santa Lucia, via Nazario Sauro, and reaches Mergellina, crossing one of the most beautiful "sights" in the world that can fascinate tourists.

Bike tours Panoramic Naples, Posillipo hill, by
Bike tours in the hill Posillipo, Virgiliano park, by

Posillipo hill: during the Greek period it was completely covered by rocks and trees. Nowadays, you can find Roman ruins and some remains of the Publius Vedio Pollione's residence. There are also the ruins of an amphitheater. For many years, the area was basically underdeveloped until the construction of the Posillipo road between 1812 and 1824. The road begins from Mergellina harbor and extends along the coast. It also preserves several historic buildings, including Villa Rosebery, the residence owned by the President of the republic.

The Virgilian ParkIt was built at the turn of the twenties and thirties on disposal of the High Commissioner for the Province of Naples and opened in 1931 as Victory Park or Beauty. It was later called the Memorial Park until, thanks to the initiative of Guido Della Valle, it assumed the name of Virgiliano in honour of the roman poet.

Bike tours Panoramic Naples, Virgiliano park, by

The Royal Palacelocated in Piazza del Plebiscito, in the historic center of Naples, where is the main entrance. The entire complex, including the gardens and the San Carlo theatre, also overlooks Piazza Trieste and Trento, Piazza del Municipio and Via Acton. It was the historic residence of the Spanish viceroys for more than 150 years. It is mainly used as a museum center, in particular you could visit the Royal Apartments and the National Library. The Royal Palace was built from 1600 to reach its definitive appearance in 1858: many architects such as Domenico Fontana, Gaetano

Genovese, Luigi Vanvitelli, Ferdinando Sanfelice and Francesco Antonio Picchiatti participated in its construction and related restoration work.

Cost per person*

3/4 pax € 55.00/person

Included services:

  • Guide;

  • Bicycle**

  • Safety helmet;

  • Coffee break.

Not included services:

  • Admission to museums;

  • Lunch;


  • Supplement MTB, trekking: € 15.00;

  • Supplement e-bike: € 25,00.

  • Supplement for 1/2 pax: 25,00€ per person


Customized tours on request.

*booking and more info send an email to:​ 


**for this tour, I Rent Bike gives you a city bike, really comfortable for city routes

Bike tours Panoramic Naples, Piazza del Plebiscito, by
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