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This bike tour follows a wonderful route and develops within the boundaries of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park, which since 1991 has protected much of the territory known as Cilento as a whole. Cilento extends in the southern part of the Campania
region, south of Salerno, and delimits, in its most extreme part, the border with Basilicata.
The territory is hilly and mountainous, but a few kilometers from these areas there is the wonderful Cilento coast, which - from Sapri to Agropoli - changes appearance countless times, in a succession of fine sandy beaches, cliffs, inlets and promontories.
On "The Via Silente" you cycle to enjoy time, to enjoy nature with all your senses, to discover that Silence is not the absence of sounds but the quality of listening. The traveler will experience the encounter with a simple and proud people, still inextricably linked to this extraordinary land and its traditions.

I Day

Morning: meeting in Castelnuovo Cilento with the Bike Guide, technical assistance, initial briefing. Departure for the bike tour.


Castelnuovo Cilento / Felitto: about 41 km, 960m elevation gain, 970m elevation loss.

Starting tour at about 10:30 a.m;

Difficulty: Medium;

Duration without visits: about 4 hours;

Duration with visit: about 7/8 hours;

*On request it is possible to change the timetable on the starting according to your needs.

percorso calstelnuovo a felitto via sile
planimetria la via silente by irentbike.

Castelnuovo Cilento

"The silent way" starts here

CastelnuovoCilento La via silente by ire

Castelnuovo Cilento stands on a hill between the Fiumicello river, in the North, and the Badolato stream, a tributary of the Palistro river, which in turn flows into the Alento in the South.

The name derives from the medieval Castellum novum, also documented as Castrum Novum, in reference to an older village already existing on the hill or to another site in the plain where malaria raged, rather than with the village of Novi (Velia).

Things to see:


Jealously guards one of the most enchanting landscapes that can be admired in Campania: it is the protected area of the "Gole del Calore" gorges.

Set in a deep valley overlooking the river, the "Gole del Calore" gorges constitute a landscape still intact in its wild beauty.

In these 120 hectares of protected land, from the medieval bridge located downstream of Felitto up to the borders with the territory of Magliano, an unreal silence reigns where feelings now forgotten emerge.

Felitto la via silente by irentbike.jpg

Once in Felitto you can make variou excursions

By canoe:

In Canoa a Felitto la via silente by ire

By canoe you can take a virtual journey into the past to discover the wildest and most unspoiled nature, a fascinating and engaging experiential path in close contact with the surrounding area, with the intrinsic well-being that nature possesses.

The canoe excursions are also a moment of fun, recreational relaxation and pleasant refreshment from the summer heat.

By pedal propelled boat

A boat ride on the river, accompanied by a guide who illustrates the landscape and natural beauty of the Gole del Calore gorges, the hidden details and interesting curiosities about flora and fauna.

The visit lasts about 30 minutes, and along the way the guide will show you the otter footprints, the plant species once used as natural medicines, the local craft plants, the potholes of the giants, the strange shapes that the water has carved into the rock and all those little things that make the Gole del Calore gorges unique.



trekking a fetillo la via silente by ire

You can walk along a wide choice of routes that differ in length and degree of difficulty.

The proposed paths concern the Upper Valley of the Calore River from Salerno and are agreed upon according to the group’s desires.
The Gole del Calore gorges are among the most interesting trekking itineraries in Cilento.
There are many paths to walk, suitable for all needs: from a simple walk along the river to thedemanding trail for expert hikers.

Food and Wine Tours

They develop within a circuit of virtuous companies that offer high quality products, selected for an attentive audience.

These are guided tastings in which the producers meet the tourists and makes them a part of their experience.

The processes are explained as well as the characteristics of the product and the organoleptic properties.

Percorsi enogastronomici a Felitto by ir

II Day

Itinerary in brief

Felitto / Caste San Lorenzo / Trentinara: about 42 km 850m elevation gain 540m elevation loss.


Starting of the tour: about 10:30 a.m;

Difficulty: Medium;

Duration of the visit without visits: 3 hours;

Duration with visits: 5/6 hours;

*On request it is possible to change the timetable on the starting according to your needs.

percorso giorno 2 la via silente by iren
planimetria giorno 2 la via silente by i

Cose da vedere

Castel San Lorenzo

Is located in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, and not far
from the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its territory has several woods: the Infitina wood, characterized by Mediterranean scrub; the Scanni Rossi forest consisting of 1 hectare of Mediterranean scrub; the Zembrone forest consisting of 1 hectare of Mediterranean scrub; the
Laurenti forest with 5 hectares of chestnut; and the Foresta wood with 3 hectares of chestnut.
It is crossed by the Calore Lucano river which originates from the slopes of Mount Cervati and whose course, up to Roccadaspide, is tortuous and spectacular, home to canoeing championships.

In some places it is rich in trout. The fauna is characterized by the presence of wild boars, foxes and pheasants.

castel san lorenzo la via silente by ire
Panorama trentinara la via silente by ir


From here you can see the Mediterranean Sea. Trentinara is the Cilento terrace, the window that, from the Southern spur of Campania, overlooks the sea, allowing a wonderful, truly breathtaking view.
In the village, where an important Bread Festival is held in the summer, you can experience an ancient feeling.

The village winds its way up and down, interspersed with arches that unite,
open and illuminate the narrow streets that climb up to the old church of San Nicola, which now houses a permanent exhibition, and to the Clock Tower which, alas, marks the exact time
only twice a day.


Itinerary in brief

Trentinara / Castellabate / Acciaroli: about 52 km 630m elevation gain 1220m elevation loss.


Starting of the tour: about 10:30 a.m;

Difficulty: Easy;

Duration of the visit without visits: 4hours;

Duration with visits: 5/6 hours

*On request it is possible to change the timetable on the starting according to your needs.

Percorso trentinara castellabate acciaro
planimetria trentinara castellabate acci

A scenic and not particularly difficult route: the rocky coast and the majestic pines will be unique panoramas that will keep us company all along the coast. Among the various ups and downs, we will cross fishing villages, today very touristy.

Lungomare trentinara castellabate acciar

Things to see:


Castellabate La via silente by irentbike

The village of Castellabate is one of the many municipalities that characterize the Cilento coast.

The old town is located on the Sant'Angelo hill, about 300 meters above sea level, and is particularly fascinating for those who love the classic Italian villages.

Many of the wonders it holds date back to the Middle Ages, such as the Pontifical Basilica of Santa Maria de Gulia.


The town has obtained, for many years, for the quality of its waters the "5 sails"; of Legambiente and has been awarded the Blue Flags for the beaches, together with the other Pollica hamlet, Pioppi (world capital of the Mediterranean Diet) a characteristic stone village.

Acciaroli la via silente by

           IV Day

    Itinerary in brief

Acciaroli / Pisciotta / Castelnuovo Cilento: about 54 km 960m elevation gain 690m elevation oss.

Starting of the tour: about 10:30 a.m;

Difficulty: Medium;

Duration of the visit without visits: 5 hours;

Duration with visits: 7/8 hours;

*On request it is possible to change the timetable on the starting according to your needs.

Percorso acciaroli pisciotta castelnuovo
planimetria la via silente acciaroli pis

Our goal today is to reach the starting point of this fantastic tour: Castelnuovo Cilento, but we will first explore Ascea Marina and Pisciotta.
From Pisciotta, for about 14km we will retrace the same road up to Ascea Marina, admiring glimpses and cliffs from the opposite side.We will cross ancient lands and coasts rich in history, enjoying a breathtaking view of the mountains called "the Dolomites of the South".
We’ll see beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water, many of which have been awarded the Blue Flags. A suggestive nature to crown the varied landscape with timeless beauty.

Spiaggia bandiera blu la via silente by
Pisciotta la via silente  by irentbike.j

Things to see:


Is one of the medieval and characteristic villages of Cilento: it extends south of the province of Salerno between the municipalities of Ascea and Centola Palinuro. Perched on top of a hill, it offers a suggestive view to those sailing the Cilento coast.
Pisciotta coastline offers various beaches, all very different from each other, you go from the pebble beach of Marina Campagna and Pisciotta, to the sandy beach of Caprioli.

Marina di Pisciotta

Is the seaside hamlet of this Cilento municipality. A small fishing village that over the years has developed niche tourism and some excellent products such as the Menaica anchovies.

In the picturesque harbor elderly fishermen pass on their traditions.

Marina di pisciotta la via silente by ir
technical assistance for bikes

Every day
you will be assisted by a cycling guide, plus a technical assistant, who will take care of luggage transfer, mechanical assistance throughout the journey and, if necessary, also a change of clothing for you to join the excursions.


Services included in the package:
Initial Briefing;
Accommodation in B&B, Hotel or farmhouses on a half board * basis (drinks excluded)
Cycling guide;
Luggage transfer shuttle,
Technical support along the whole route;
Custom t-shirt for the tour "The Silent Way"


Services not included:
Ticket for excursions or entrance to museums;

Plane or train tickets;
Medical expenses, or transfers for accidents;
Anything not specifically mentioned in the program.

The cost per person:

5 nights, meeting with our staff in the afternoon of the day before the departure of the tour in a hotel, B&B exc in Castelnuovo Cilento chosen for the tour, cost per person € 1225.00, July and August € 1390.00;

For 4 nights, with departure of the tour on the morning of our meeting in Castelnuovo Cilento, is € 980.00,  July and August € 1120.00;


For 3 nights, with departure of the tour on the morning of our meeting, and end of our services upon arrival of the 4th day in Castelnuovo Cilento, the price is € 740.00, July and August € 840.00.


Always with accommodation in double for single roomssupplement € 15.00 per day.


On request it is possible to have packed lunch, consisting of sandwiches and focaccia stuffed with local products, dessert, fruit, water and coca cola. The cost is € 15.00 per person, per day.

*Breakfasts and dinners will not always be served in the establishments where you will overnight, but sometimes they will be booked in partner structures nearby.

Supplement for participation in the bicycle tour:

• MTB, trekking: € 12.00 per day;
• E-bike: € 20.00 per day;
• Road bike: € 20.00 per day.

rental city bike by

**for this tour, I Rent Bike gives you a city bike, really comfortable for city routes

Tour personalizzati su richiesta.

* prenotazione e maggiori informazioni invia una mail a:

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